About us

Latest Post Afrogyn Revolt Ep 8: Find Your Joy, Find Yourself by Nina Monei

Rezistans Nwa is an independently owned and independently run media project, by and for diasporic Africans. It is a media project centered within the spirit of Black rebellion, and the drive for self determination that sparked the Haitian revolutionary movement. At its core, Rezistans Nwa is a project that recognizes the diverse nature of Blackness, one that recognizes liberation cannot wait, and that recognizes we will never liberate ourselves by assimilating into relationships of power created by and maintained for the benefit of our oppressors.

Through this media project, we produce works from Black people hailing from all walks of life. We are here for people who understand in their hearts there is something wrong with the state of the day to day existence of Black people the world over. We exist to give Africans - diasporic, descended, and continental - a space to speak these realities, on their own terms, and away from the bourgeois gatekeeping of white-owned media and academic obscurantism.

Rezistans Nwa is all of us or none of us getting free.